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Hello! We are 5 Spice

Tantalising Communication Solutions.

Grow your business with us. Our proven communication formula is based on the concept of 5 Spice, which lends a unique flavour to Asian dishes based on the concept of balancing five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, reflected in the use of star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel seeds.

5 Spice Communication takes the ancient concept of added value and an appeal to the senses in Asian cuisine and translates it into the time tested five components of any successful communication outreach.


The quality of work is only so good as the results that are achieved. Quality delivery depends on experience and commitment. At 5Spice we pride ourselves on quality results. We have the folk who have knowledge and that seasoning that comes with years of work. Contact us and you will immediately know that you are in good hands.


The business world changes incredibly quickly. Let us help you keep up with the changes to the communication landscape. New devices, artificial intelligence, software all evolve. Your business needs to evolve in lockstep.


We live in a world where barriers to entry into the online market are low. The hurdles are easy to vault. It is a world of instant gratification for those service providers that are only in it for a quick buck. 5Spice wants long term relationships. We will turn down jobs that do not meet some very exacting standards. Truth, value to stakeholders and honesty. Those companies that adhere to those values are the folk we want as clients. However, Head Chef Steve is not adverse to Single Malt and good 80’s music. If he sees this entry he is going to laugh his ass off.

At 5Spice Communications a commitment to exceptional customer service and in-depth knowledge guide everything we do. You are assured of personal contact with our Head Chef Steve Mallach at all times. With over 30 years communications experience he knows the ingredients to help you meet your strategic objectives and grow your business.

So, if you want to add spice to your communication, get hold of us today and we can provide a recipe for business success.


strategy and content analysis.


Strategy and content analysis.

At 5 Spice we know that your business needs a clear direction in order to make the most of communication strategy. Let us take a close look and leverage decades of experience to fin tune your communication offering.


SEO Optimised Long Form Copywriting.

If the trends hold true (and there is no reason to indicate that they wouldn’t) online long form copy (above 2,000 words) is now essential to enable your business to achieve top ranking when it comes to SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). Let us lend a hand and develop effective, SEO rich copy that feeds your sales funnel.


SEO Optimised Blog Development.

Blogs offer a variety of advantages to businesses of all sizes. They drive traffic to your website, the increase your SEO effectiveness and increase search engine results rankings. They also position your organisation as a thought leader and help develop better customer relationships. However, developing the right content can be time consuming and challenging. Let 5Spice remove the stress and provide you with blogs that accomplish the strategic goals of your business.


Newsletter Development (print and online).

Newsletters have stood the test of time. They are still a cost-effective way of maintaining regular contact with customers and building relationship – as well as mining prospects. Research has shown that by far the majority of small and medium sized businesses use email newsletters to maintain their competitive advantage. 5Spice can assist in providing content that makes newsletters even more effective.


Social Media Posting.

The world of customer relations has changed. Social media has become more important than ever to those organisations that want to thrive in an ever more competitive business environment. When customers see your social media posts, especially replying to their queries and posting original, value added content, it helps them build a positive image in their minds. Let 5Spice communication assist you in developing content that shines.


Advertising and sales copy.

Advertising and sales copy that shines sets a company apart from the competition. In an ever more crowded marketplace developing advertising and sales copy that effectively positions the brand, services and products – and excites the interest of consumers is more important than ever before. Contact 5Spice and let the experts help your organisation get its message across clearly and effectively – and supercharge your sales.


Web Content.

Good content is what sets your website apart from the competition and delivers the right message to your customers. The success of your website is determined primarily by its content. Ultimately, content wins the hearts and minds of current customers and prospects – and opens their wallets. Let 5Spece help you craft website copy that simply works – and allows your organisation to meet its sales targets and strategic objectives.


Press Releases.

The humble press release still has its place when it comes to providing stakeholders with information about the evolution of the organisation. New products, unique service offerings and much more. There is an art to developing effective releases. Let the skilled and experienced consultants at 5Spice provide you with effective releases that get the job done.


special offers tailored to your unique needs.

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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Let us know about your unique requirements and we will revert with some great options for communications services that off exceptional return on investment.

Websites development

5Spice is not a design agency – but we work with some of the best in the business. Drop us a line and we will put you in touch with the right fact. We make no money from a referral – but we are always glad to help out. And we trust these folks to do an exceptional job.

Digital marketing

If your business is not digital it’s at a competitive disadvantage. Let our Spice Merchants take a look at your digital marketing strategy and give you feedback. We have the folk who can help – and a global network that can provide content and strategic assistance to help your business grow in the digital age.

Mobile apps

Everyone is on the move. We are doing business in offices and coffee shops, or even on pavements. A mobile app can help your business flourish. Drop us a line and we’ll get your message to folk who want services and products while on the go.


Money never sleeps, or so said Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street. He may have been a terrible character, but he was right. More and more people are shopping online. Online shopping is growing so fast that the global online shopping market size is predicted to hit 4 trillion in 2020. If your organisation ignores eCommerce it is missing out on a sales funnel that is dizzying in its potential. Contact us for more info.


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